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January 2015 Rocky Rodriguez has successfully directed and produced his interpretation of Dante's Inferno with Craft Theatre, of which he is a founding member, at the Rag Factory, London. The show has been met with standing ovations and rave reviews.
Click here for Rocky's interview with about the production.

January 2015 JJ Henry has just completed a successful Christmas pantomime season as Mother Goose at Chipping Norton Theatre to help celebrate their 40th birthday. Well done JJ!

(Photo credit

August 2014 Andrei Costin has just completed a tour of 'The Kite Runner' appearing as Hassan/Sohrab. After rave reviews of the show, Andrei is looking forward to future projects.

Andrei Costin as Hassan and Ben Turner as Amir in The Kite Runner (Photo by Robert Day, taken from

June 2013 Martin Thomas who will be performing in the site specific welsh production of Blodeuwedd with Theatre Genedlaethol Cymru.
May 2013 Samuel Hunt will be touring with TenTen Theatre.
May 2013 Kayleigh Le May will be singing her way across the big blue sea with Holland & America Cruises.
May 2013 James Percy will be performing in America with Potted Potter)
May 2013 Michael J. Eborall will be Covering Caboose, Flat Top, Hip Hopper 1, 2, 3, Swing: Engines, Components in Starlight Express in Germany.
April 2013 Lauren Atkins for her classical Divas singing work with Neil Sands Productions.
April 2013 James Percy will be filming a part where he will be playing Guy Fawkes for Appeartome Ltd.
March 2013Martin Thomas who will be appearing in Pobol y Cwm again.
March 2013 Ruth Tapp for her Royal Mail corporate work.
February 2013 James Percy for his work with Appeartome Ltd filming the role of Francis Uzay.
February 2013 Ruth Tapp for securing a role in Scorch's online viral.
February 2013 James Percy for his voice over work with Side.
December 2012 Andrew Boxer for his Racing Post commercial role.
September 2012 David R. Butler for his part in the online viral - one pound Johnny Club.
September 2012 Samuel Hunt will be touring with kinetic Theatre.
September 2012 J.J Henry will be touring with Mother Courage and her Children with Blackeyed Theatre.
September 2012Maria Swisher for her corporate film role with AHC.
August 2012 Ruth Tapp for getting the role with Rural Nations.
June 2012 J.J Henry for securing a role in Heartbreak Productions tour of Private Lives.
June 2012 James Percy for securing the role of Julius Caesar with Oddsocks.
April 2012 Jamie Hogarth for getting off his understudy laurels in the award winning Abigail's Party and playing both of the lead male roles.
February 2012 Martin Thomas for getting the role of the Doctor in Pobol y Cwm.
November 2011 Michael J. Eborall will be continuing with Starlight express for yet another year in Germany although this time playing different roles and swing.
November 2011 Lauren Atkins will be playing the wonderful role of Snow White with PMA also.
November 2011 Victoria Hope Will be singing her way through Cinderella as the fairy Godmother with PMA this year.
November 2011 Samuel Hunt will be playing the comic in Sleeping Beauty.
(November 2011) Joseph Teague for his part in the Febreze commercial.
(November 2011)Ruth Tapp will be performing in Snow White with Pace Theatre Company this Christmas.
(October 2012) Logen Joeg for his role in Naachle London for Aviary Films Ltd.
(October 2011) Martin Thomas for his part in Gwaith/Cartref (Series 2)
(September 2011)David R. Butler for his work in 'Subtitles' at the National Theatre of Lithuania.
(September 2011) Lauren Atkins can be seen in the T4 Toyota Argo Ident
(September 2011)Kayleigh LeMay will be singing and dancing her way through Warner hotels until Christmas.
(September 2011) Logen Joeg will be playing a part in 'Naachele London' (Aviary Films)
(August 2011)Rocky Rodriguez Jr. for his work on the corporate film for Cimex.
(August 2011) Andrew Boxer for gaining a part in 'It never Ends' (Short Film)
(August 2011) Joseph Teague for his part in the Ladbrookes Commercial
(August 2011) Katie Salt is about to join Theatre & on a corporate tour.
(June 2011) J.J Henry for his Italian impersonation on 'The Odd one In'
(June 2011) Joseph Teague for landing a part in Taming of the Apex with 'Celi Films'
(June 2011) David Butler is playing Huw in the short film 'Trials of an impure heart' and will then be performing in 'shoreditched' with 'Lent Productions'
(June 2011) Kelly Griffiths is touring with 'The Flying Fish Theatre Company', Germany
(June 2011 ) Michael Shane will be performing in Wild Goose Chase through June and into July as the character of 'The Factor'
(May 2011) Mary Drake is joining the Sir Peter Halls's Company in their production of Henry IV part 1 and Henry IV part 2
(May 2011) Kate Winder will be performing in The Man of Mode’ at the Bridewell Theatre playing Lady Townley for 'A Single Leaf’ Theatre Company
(May 2011) Stephen Guy Daltry can be seen performing for Passion Pit Theatre in their production of ‘The Prisoner Of Windsor’. Catch him while you can
(May 2011) Clare Tyndall can be seen in the latest Best Buy commercial
(May 2011) JJ Henry will join Heartbreak production in their open air summer production of Pinocchio. This will take him all the way through the summer season so lets hope for good weather.
(May 2011) Joeseph Teague can be seen playing the part of Malcolm in the play Gridlocked for the Lost Theatre Company at the Lost Theatre, Stockwell
(May 2011) Lauren Atkins will be able to be seen in the latest Toyota Aygo ident/commercials over the next few months
(May 2011) Richard Thorn can be seen at in Moliere's 'Tartuffe' at the Space Theatre directed by Emma Sampson playing Valere from 28th June to 16th July.
(May 2011) Michael Shane can be seen performing in Caryl Churchill's Cloud 9 at the Yvonne Arnaud studio theatre playing the dual roles of Clive and Martin
(May 2011) Martin Thomas is working with Pontio in Bangor on its exciting new project 'Digital Tea Dance' directed by Kully Thiarai
(April 2011) JJ Henry is currently touring with PMA Productions magical production of Pinocchio.
(April 2011) Richard Thorn will be perfroming at the Court Yard Theatre in Black Pocket Production of DNA. He will be playing the part of Brian
(March 2011) Jamie Hogarth will be working for the NSPCC for their film highlighting the safegaurd of children
(March 2011) Mary Drake has just completed filming in a new British short
(March 2011) Jamie Hogarth has just completed filming in the lead role in a British film 'Claire'
(March 2011) David R Butler is heading off the Portugal for 6 weeks to work for the showteam.

(March 2011) Richard Thorn has just completed filming with South Thames, playing the part of Kyle
(March 2011) Andrew Boxer has just completed a play for the radio for Wireless Theatre Company. The production is called 'Wild Elusive Butterfly'
(March 2011) Natalie Pilkington will be working for TED Talent which will see her performing in europe until October
(March 2011) Mary Drake will be shooting a brand new film called 'Claire'
(March 2011) David R Butler is currently filming an exciting new British Film, entitled 'Always There'
(March 2011) Andrew Boxer has just completed filming a new film called Benches. A delightful performance given and produced by 'Cool Runners' production company
(February 2011) Katie Salt working with Social Media 4 Business delivering Voice Over for their films
(January 2011) Ruth Tapp will be working with Fresh Glory Productions of Lilies on the land. This exciting number 1 touring production will be hitting all the major cities until the end of April 2011
(January 2011) Michael J Eborall for securing work in Germany in Starlight Express. Michael will be skating his way for over a year and will return in 2012.
(December 2010) Michael J Eborall will be performing in the Sheffield Lyceums pantomime production of Peter Pan
(December 2010) Gemma Troughton will be performing Sleeping Beauty as Fairy Nuff
(December 2010) Lisa Ann Connor will be performing in Dick Whittington as Blanche
(December 2010) Matthew Ellison will be performing as a Pricipal Performer with Peel Overseas Ltd on the Cruise Ship Thomson Spirit until November 2011
(November 2010) Lyvia Nabarro is currently shooting with Imedia Entertaiment in their latest film playing the role of Mia
(October 2010) Michael J Eborall will be touring the UK in the hit production of High School Rocks as a Lead Vocalist
(September 2010) Katie Salt will be touring in the title role of 'Cinderella' commencing in November
(September 2010) Ruth Tapp will be joining Quondam Theatre Company in their tour of 'The Wife of Usher’s Well' by Jules Horne is a modern retelling of the famous ballad from the Scottish Borders
(September 2010) Stanley James will be touring with Theatre & in their latest tour
(September 2010) Clare Quinn will be performing in 'The Alchemist' at Hoxton Hall
(August 2010) Logen Joeg can be see travelling to Brussels and back in Business Class on the latest Euro Star Ad
(August 2010) Katie Salt will be playing the role of Purdy, from the Avengers for Sternberg Clarke
(August 2010) Natalie Pilkington will be performing with TED Talent in Egypt until November.
(August 2010) Andrew Boxer will be perfoming with Foul Papers Theatre Company in their exciting world premier production of 'The Mandrake' Andrew will be playing the part of Mr Soonewrought. You can see Andrew at the Edinburgh Festival in the Zoo Southside Studio,
(July 2010) Martin Thomas will be apprearing in 'Merched Eira' with Theatre Bara Caws in this exciting Welsh play
(July 2010) Mary Drake will be touring with Bill Kenwright's hit production of 'Bedroom Farce' nationwide until December 2010
(June 2010) Ruth Tapp will be working with 'Theatre &' on their production for Newport City Homes
(June 2010) You will be able to see Clare Tyndall performing in the GALA Bingo Commercial running whilst the World Cup is on. Production Company 'StixPix'
(June 2010) Emma Salvo Will be appearing in 'Much Ado About Nothing' as Ursula at Trentham Gardens, Stoke on Trent, from 28th June to 4th July
(May 2010) Jo Wigmore will be playing the part of Bounderby in the Dickens classic, 'Hard Times' for N1 Theatre Company
(May 2010) Clare Quinn will be performing in 'The Full Monty' playing the part of Georgie
(May 2010) Ruth Tapp will be appearing in the new comedy 'Suspicious Minds' at the GRV Theatre in Edinborough playing the part of Fiona
(April 2010) Lisa Armytage for securing work with 'Smile On Production Company'
(April 2010) Rocky Rodriguez Jr for securing work with E3 Production Company. Rocky will be performing until October 2010
(April 2010) Michael J Eborall for securing work with 10th Planet Productions

(March 2010)David R Butler for securing work with The Show Team. David will be performing until October 2010
(Feb 2010) Michael J Eborall for securing work with Mad About Productions Ltd. Michael will be touring theatres with his wonderful tributes to the musicals until July 2010
(Feb 2010) Michael Shane for securing work with Middle Ground Theatre Company. Michael will be performing in the production of Columbo which is touring the major theatres until July 2010