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Adam Berimbau


Adam is an English-Portuguese, Non-Binary actor. 

They are a versatile actor who enjoys the play and investigation of acting. Whether that be in gritty naturalistic work or showcasing flamboyant queer expression through non naturalistic, bombastic characters.


They are currently honing their vocal ability, collating and developing voices and characters for future projects in toe with their rising passion for all things Voice work. Tying in their love for acting with their love and respect for video games and animation as art forms. 


Alongside character focussed voice work Adam wishes to delve deeper into musicals and singing in general. Always having a love for music and having previously dipped their toe into the world of ensemble musical theatre, they wish to work towards improving in that field.


They recently graduated from the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts in 2023 after previously touring schools in Jersey with the theatre Company Love Theatre with their TIE piece Karen’s Story.


Additionally working seasonally as a scare actor for the aMaizin Adventure park during their Halloween events. 


Adam is a reliable and hardworking company member and is always interested in experiencing new things in the performance world.

Adam's Stats:

Height: 5' 10"
Build: Slim

Waist: 29.5"
Hair: Black

Eyes: Brown

Shoe: 8

Playing Age: 18-25

Adam Berimbau
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