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Alessandra Mercuri


Alessandra is an extremely talented and versatile artist. She studied acting for two years in Italy and then completed her studies in London where she graduated from the International College of Musical Theatre.

She is polyglot and is able to act and sing in English, Italian and Japanese.

She lived for a few years in Japan appearing there in several movies and TV shows. She is very versatile displayed through her credits from different genres including musicals, theatre, television, film, and voice overs.

She is a strong soprano belter with a wide range that goes from F3 to E♭6 (belt up to F#5), her voice is also very versatile, she can sing almost any type of genre.

Alessandra's Stats:

Height: 5' 2"
Build: Slim
Waist: 25"
Hair: Red/Titian

Eyes: Hazel

Shoe: 5.5

Playing Age: 30-45

Alessandra Mercuri
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