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Amy Elizabeth Utting


Amy Elizabeth Utting trained at the University of Chichester Conservatoire on the Musical Theatre Triple threat course in which she had the opportunity to perform in different genres of work.


In her final year of training Amy was cast in the UK’s 6th production of ‘London Road’.

From her performances Amy has been able to provide true, believable characterization giving entertaining, relief, and humour to both light and dark sides of storylines whilst presenting truthful, strong vocal performances.


During all these processes Amy has been recognised for engaging terrifically with creatives every step of the way and being a joy to collaborate with.

Amy is a strong soprano and has a vocal range of G3 – C6

A dancer from the age of 3, Amy is proficient in Ballet, Tap and Jazz

Amy has a real passion for Musical Theatre and has an extensive knowledge for the history behind productions and the theatres they are performed in. She has a keen eye for detail and process and will learn from every piece she sees and works ond works on.  

Amy's Stats:

Height: 5' 4"
Build: Slim
Waist: 28"
Hair: Auburn

Eyes: Green

Shoe: 6.5

Playing Age: 16-25

Amy Utting
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