Caroline Lazarus


Caroline Lazarus is talented actress who has regularly worked across various media since graduating from Alra drama school as an M.A student in 2011. 


She has the ability to play a wide variety of roles and is known for her smile and her ability to cry on cue. 


She has a wonderful ear for accents and is able to deliver them authentically.


Caroline is equally comfortable with scripted or improvisational roles as she is able to think on her feet.


She recently played the role of Lisa (a woman who feels trapped in an abusive relationship) in the gritty short film ‘Yard Kings'.


Currently she is working on a one woman play to be performed at the next Edinburgh Fesival directed by Christopher Tajah as Coretta Scott King who praised for his performance there as Martin Luther which he also directed.

Caroline's Stats

Height: 5' 7"
Build: Slim
Waist: 30"
Hair: Dark Brown

Eyes: Brown

Shoe: 7

Playing Age: 35-45

Caroline Lazarus