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Kiki Loureiro


Kiki is a professional and enthusiastic performer with a true passion for telling stories.


Originally from Portugal, she is an ambitious dreamer which she pairs with hard work and interest in feedback and teamwork.

She is very keen on playing a wide variety of roles - from emotional and dramatic to quirky and playful - and is known for her contagious smile and fierceness in her eyes.

Although Kiki prides herself on her acting, she is also a strong singer with an impressive mezzo-soprano voice and a vocal range of G3 - F6 (belt to A5). Additionally, she has extensive experience in dance (ballet and jazz) and utilizes this knowledge when physicalizing her characters. She is considered a truthful and skilled triple threat.

From her previous performances, Kiki has always worked well with everyone and creatives have consistently pointed out her bubbly, engaging, and respectful energy.


Kiki is highly inspired and excited about a career in all areas of acting - whether that be for stage, film, or TV.

Kiki's Stats:

Height: 5' 3"
Build: Slim
Waist: 29"
Hair: Brown

Eyes: Brown

Shoe: 5.5

Playing Age: 16-25

Kiki Loureiro
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