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Roxy Bugler


Half English, half Irish, Roxy grew up in Devon and trained in acting and contemporary dance in London. Roxy has a very good ear for accents. Returning to the industry after training as a child counsellor, Roxy recently played the lead role of Fay in the feature film Wild Bones, winning three Best Actress Awards in Italy, France and U.S. 


Roxy has years of experience acting on stage and screen and now works as both actor and integrative arts child counsellor. Roxy finds that both crafts inform and enhance the other. The therapy work has made her a braver and bolder performer, and her acting work, the art of being in another’s shoes, enhances her ability to connect with her clients.


Some reviews:

"Bugler is superb as the disturbed Fay, and she and Roubos have marvelously realistic sibling chemistry." - Joseph Perry,


"Bugler has a commanding screen presence, drawing the audience in and convincing us of her confusion over what might be real and what are her disturbed memories." -


"As Holly, Roxy Bugler is by turns washed out, naïve, ruined and beautiful" - Benjamin Poole; The Movie Waffler


"It falls to some fantastic acting from the leads to drive the film, none more so than Roxy Bugler, whose delicate portrayal of the grieving Holly provides the majority of the narrative." - Grae Westgate; Vulture Hound

Roxy's Stats:

Height: 5' 4"
Build: Slim
Waist: 27"
Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Blue/Grey

Shoe: 6

Playing Age: 29-40

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