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Susanna McEwen


Susanna is a triple-threat performer from rural South-East Scotland. Although Susanna has a particular passion and strength for acting, dance was Susanna’s first love and since her first ballet lesson at age 3, she has expanded her repertoire to include jazz, tap, commercial and contemporary. She is also very competent in traditional Scottish ceilidh dancing.

Susanna has a strong mezzo-soprano voice with a range of Eb3 to C6 (belt to E5) and loves to sing musical theatre whether contemporary or legit, but genres also include pop and folk. As well as her degree in Musical Theatre (Triple Threat), Susanna has music qualifications and this combined with her practical experience playing the piano and violin in junior orchestras has led to a notable strength in harmony singing and has built valuable ensemble skills.

Susanna has always been an all-rounder and is always looking for new things to learn or experiences to try. She is academic and sporty, particularly skilled in netball. She loves to research and use her wider knowledge to help inform her performance. Susanna prides herself on having a deep understanding of text, context and subtext when approaching a character to create the most well-rounded delivery.

During her last semester on the University of Chichester’s Musical Theatre (Triple Threat) course, Susanna was in the UK’s sixth production of ‘London Road’. Here, she was able to demonstrate her ability to learn and successfully perform a highly complex verbatim score with creative flair. She enjoyed the challenge of finding comedic moments in an otherwise dark piece. Susanna is known for her excellent comedic timing and energetic performances, although she has a great talent in capturing an emotion in something more serious.

Additionally to performing, Susanna has experience backstage in ASM, Sound Assistant and DSM roles

Susanna loves meeting new people and making friends. She is noted as always being a pleasure to work with.

Susann's Stats:

Height: 5' 7"
Build: Slim
Waist: 29"
Hair: Dark Brown

Eyes: Hazel

Shoe: 5

Playing Age: 16 - 25

Susanna McEwen
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